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A. All Items are packed and shipped from our warehouse in West Palm Beach, Florida.

We will blind ship your order without any of our company information on the shipping label.

The shipping label will read

your stores address

B. All orders are processed, shipped & delivered within 3-4 business days from the day you place the order. Once you the order is shipped you will get a confirmation email with tracking info. All orders are shipped with USPS PRIORITY or FIRST CLASS! Yet if you need a customers order rushed, express mail or even switched to FedEx or UPS, no biggie we've got you covered. Just shoot us a message and we will take care of the rest.

We ship anywhere in USA

C. The packages being shipped our are blind shipped, they do not have any of our company info on the package.
We do not include any invoice or packing slip in the package as well.

D. Tracking information will be emailed to you as soon as the order is shipped.

E. If you have marketing material like stickers/flyers/postcards you can ship those to us and we can include it along with your orders.

F. Currently we can drop ship within USA only.

International Shipping Options

Option 1. Find a shipping partner here in the USA, we will ship the packages to them, the shipping company will either forward the package to you or forward the package to your customer.

Option 2. You can also open account with a company like DHL. Once you place the order with us for your international customer, we will process/pack the order & email you detail info, like weight and size of package. You can than provide us with shipping label and arrange pick up from our warehouse.


Currently you do have to place the order manually on our wholesale website

Please make sure you create an account on our wholesale website notify us once an account has been created so we can change your account status to dropship account.

Min $100 requirement per order will be removed once your account is setup on as a dropship account.

Once you receive an order, go to and place the order to be blind shipped to your customer.


  1. Your customer will order from you and pay you for the item.
  2. You than logon to our wholesale website to your account that has been setup as a drop shipper account.
  3. Find the item your customer ordered from you
  4. Add to your cart
  5. Go thru checkout process
  6. Put your info under billing
  7. Put your customers info under shipping
  8. Pay and finalize the order.
  9. Once the order is placed we will process, ship and email you confirmation & tracking info.
  10. You can than notify your customer that the order has been shipped and provide them with tracking info.

If you are going to process more than 10 orders a day, we can offer a complimentary service where you can supply us with spreadsheet file of your orders daily by email and we will take care of the rest for you.


What you charge your customers for shipping is up to you, we charge you shipping based on the amount of items in your order. See Chart Below.

  • 1 item: $4.00
  • 2-3 items: $5.00
  • 4-9 items: $10.00 (priority due to weight)
  • $100 or more in items: FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING